Diane Cole Stevens About Hairdressers at Heart

Hairdressers at Heart is an initiative of Procter & Gamble to “empower stylists throughout their careers.” As the CEO of Cole Stevens Salons, and Founder and of The Cinderella Foundation, Diane and her staff of stylists will participate in the Wella “Supports Your Cause” competition to help amplify their contributions to charity of their choice within the local community. Here, Diane speaks to Maggie Mulhern from Modern Salon about her pillar for the Wella Hairdressers at Heart program.


Q&A: Color and Damaged Hair

Question: If you are interested in color but your hair suffers damage from it what alternatives do you have if you still desire color?

Michelle Sadler, Master Colorist at Cole Stevens Salon, says:

Color alone is rarely the only factor that causes hair breakage. Often time chemical smoothing treatments along with permanent color can often cause hair to become weak and fragile. Also, damage such as high heat from the flat ironing and improper blow drying can contribute to damage.

A wonderful alternative is Wella Color Touch. It is ammonia free and is a great alternative to create desired results without damage or breakage.

My advice is  to have an in depth consultation with a color specialist along with your stylist to determine a great color for you, maintenance requirements, and areas of concern.

Do you have a question or concern about your hair? Send them to csinfo@colestevenssalon.com and have them answered personally by a Cole Stevens stylist.

Your Hair & Exercise: A Word from Our Trainer

Clients often ask Cole Stevens (CS) stylists, “What do I do to my hair if I want to work out?” Well, we sought one of the best trainers and Diane’s personal trainer, Kuti Mack, to encourage your fitness pursuit without letting your hair hold you back!


with Kuti

As a Personal Trainer/Nutritionist, when I’m acquiring new female clients (ESPECIALLY women of color) I often get challenged by them about being able to exercise regularly while maintaining their hairstyles. So I figured that I’d share with you what I find myself constantly telling them…

I GET it. I truly do. As a man that truly appreciates a well groomed woman, believe me when I say that the benefits of exercise outweigh the hassle of keeping that new hairstyle that you spent good, hard-earned recession-era money on. Why look good, but be unhealthy? You can fix your hair MUCH faster than you can your health and if your BODY looks good, you can get your hair to catch up. If your hair’s whipped but your body’s not healthy, TRUTHFULLY your priorities are out of whack. Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are amongst the controllable life threatening conditions ESPECIALLY for women of color that nutrition and exercise will help you correct or avoid altogether. (Now, morticians do great hair from what I’m told…but why find out the hard way, dig?)

Research at the Mayo Clinic quickly points out at least 7 major ways exercise improves your life. See for yourself: Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activity . If you’re worried about your hair after benefit No. 6, I can understand…lol!

Remember: there’s NOTHING you can’t do without a lil’ planning. Wrap or put your hair in a ponytail before you workout; manage your perspiration with a towel or headband during the workout; allow your hair to dry post-workout then style with the appropriate products recommended by your Expert Stylist at Cole Stevens. You can also speak to your Stylist about what sorts of hairstyles as well as which conditioning and washing regimens are best for YOU to keep your “wig tight” while you’re getting your “body right”!

At the End of the Day, a healthy lifestyle leads to healthy hair…not the other way around.


If you have questions for KUTImack you can contact him!

FALL Back in Love with Your Hair

It’s that time again. The leaves are changing colors. The temperature is dropping. Cole Stevens Salon welcomes back clients who went on “straight-hair hiatus” for the summer and rocked their beautiful wash-n-go styles. With the change in seasons, and more and more women concerned about their textured coils, the best, Diane Cole Stevens, wants to hear from you and personally give you answers!

All of the questions and answers women of color have been looking for will be right here! Answers for the RELAXER hair cult, answers for the NATURAL hair cult–talk to us! We have solutions! Email your questions to csinfo@colestevenssalon.com

Diane, and her team of expert stylists will address hair breakage, including around the hairline; thinning at the temples and the crown, design principles, and products for thicker, fuller, denser looking hair using Nioxin. And much more!

Round Up!

Cole Stevens stylists use a specific round-brush technique when blow drying our guests hair. Ever wonder why? Of course you have!

The round-brush is more than just a “way to blowdry hair.” Diane explains its many benefits to the hair as well.

Using a roundbrush improves hair elasticity and shine. For textured hair, the stretching of the hair cuticle enables straighter styles to be achieved. For thicker, course textures, the roundbrush smoothes the cuticle as the hair is straightened, which helps prevent reverting hair styles. Using a ceramic brush increases the shine of the hair by sealing the cuticles of each hair shaft and keeping in moisture.

Styles last longer. When using a roundbrush, the stretching of the hair also increases the life of the hairstyle. Hair of all textures and lengths, and regardless of the amount of hair you have, using a roundbrush decreases frizz and when going from curly to a straight style, the hair is less likely to revert as much.

Hair has more body. More body does not always mean more volume. Cole Stevens LOVES hair that moves and roundbrushing achieves bouncy, movable hair. For many textures, the proper roundbrush also provides curl to the hair, which also makes styles last longer.

Hand and Foot Care Guide

The changes in seasons can not only cause changes in our hair, but our nails on our hands and feet as well. These tips from Cole Stevens’ Master Nail Technician will help you to take great care of your hands and feet.

1. When filing your nails, do not file away the side walls. This creates a weak nail making it more vulnerable to spliting.

2. Never file nails to a point. Square, oval, or rounded are good shapes for fingernails. For toe nails, square with rounded corners are best. Keep toenail length short–never longer than the toe.

3. Use a buffer to smooth ridges on nails and toe nails. Polish looks better on a smooth surface.

4. The best file for a nail is a crystal file. Try OPI’s crystal file. It does not fray edges and will seal the tip of the nails. For toe nails, a file with a grit of 80-100 is best.

5. ALWAYS moisturize hands and feet with a lotion that contains aloe, lanolin, vitamin E or A. These items have healing properties and are good for your skin. Also, use sunscreen when in the sun for maximum skin protection.

6. Moisturize all day, every day. Lotion helps seal in moisture after your bath or shower. For your feet, foot cream can help retain smoothness after a pedicure.

7. Use a pumice stone to smooth the rough areas, such as calluses and corns. The pumice stone and your skin must be wet. Using a dry stone can result in abrasions or cuts.

8. NEVER EVER cut or use a blade to remove corns or calluses. It only makes them worse and you could injure yourself.

9. Wearing white cotton gloves on your hands and white cotton socks on your feet after your bath or shower at night can also help to soften rough, dry hands and feet. You don’t have to wear them all night, but a couple of hours 2 to 3 times of week does help.

10. Using cuticle oil (on nails and tone nails) and a nail strengthener on a regular basis also helps to keep cuticles soft and supple and protects against breakage.

11. When the temperature outside drops remember to wear gloves; your skin will thank you for it!

Cole Stevens offers a variety of manicures to suit the needs of your nails and skin in every season. Call our Greenbelt location and ask about our Citrus manicure, Cuticle Conditioning manicure, and Milk & Honey manicure.

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CW50 in DC Interviews Diane Cole Stevens

As a promo to the upcoming Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Expo, CW50 in Washington, DC interviewed Diane Cole Stevens, CEO of Cole Stevens Salon and Day Spa. Here she talks about the DC woman and trends in style, and what attendees of the FBL Expo should expect from Cole Stevens, the event’s official beauty sponsor.

Click here to watch the video.


For tickets to the Fashion Beauty, and Lifestyle Expo at the DC Convention Center in Washington, DC on Saturday September 10th,  visit www.dc50tv.com.