Winterize Your Hair!

As the winter season is quickly approaching, the temperature has already begun to drop, leaving beauty lovers everywhere saddened with the terrible results of dry skin and hair.

But here at Cole Stevens, it’s our job to make you feel absolutely beautiful year-round. Harsh winter? Well, we have intense treatments. Crazy breakage? Let’s try an insane cut. Say goodbye to dreadful winter hair for once and for all because this year, Cole Stevens is “winterizing” your adored tresses.

Read more about the 5 Must-Have’s to Winterize Your Hair this season:

Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment

Have you ever experienced a facial for your scalp? Well, wait no longer! The NIOXIN Scalp Renew gently exfoliates while regenerating and revitalizing to promote a healthy scalp… Just like a facial.

WHY? Are you a product junkie? Obsessed with at-home hair remedies like coconut or olive oil? This cooling treatment will deeply remove follicle-clogging sebum and environmental residue.

CS Alert: Product buildup on the scalp can continue to collect dirt as it clogs the pores, causing a host of issues like bad hair days, poor scalp and hair loss.

NIOXIN Scalp Renew

Luxe Oil Intense Treatment

Cole Stevens CEO, Diane Cole Stevens, says “This treatment instantly restores and reconstructs hair to an improved texture, leaving it so soft!”

WHY? Brutal winter weather can lead to weak, damaged and dry hair. The Luxe Oil Intense Treatment deeply moisturizes.

CS Alert: This treatment is great for all hair textures.


Get a Trim.

Don’t let a trim scare you. If you want long, beautiful hair, a trim is your best friend. Don’t believe us? Come on in!

WHY? When hair becomes dry or damaged, the hair shaft splits at the ends.

CS Alert: Waiting too long for a trim or cut can lead to a more drastic cut. If you are growing your tresses, get a trim every 6-8 weeks. A great trim can help add body and fullness. For curly hair, a customized trim for your unique curl pattern is also highly recommended.


Reconstructive Elixir (Sold Separately at Cole Stevens)

We know how much you love your essential oils… and we don’t want to take that from you! Wella’s Reconstructive Oil promotes hair growth and lightly moisturizes. And guess what? It includes some of your favorite go-to carrier oils.

WHY? This leave-in treatment will nourish, smooth and protect the hair shaft from dryness and breakage.

CS Alert: Enriched with Argan, Jojoba and Almond oil, use everyday for 30 days to nourish your hair for winter.



It’s time to treat yourself to an early Holiday gift. Say yes to color! The winter season calls for a bold fashion statement. Let your hair do the talking!

WHY? Why not?

CS Alert: Balayage brightens the skin by adding a color to strengthen and beautify your hair. Finish with glossing the hair for ridiculous shine.



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